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Virtual Construction Combines Technology, Real Estate, and Development All Into One

Hampton Roads has always been a hub of innovation and development across the entire east coast; virtual construction shows that Hampton Roads still has what it takes to hold onto its position as an innovative and economic powerhouse. This new technology lets developers run through all aspects of the construction process to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the project is completed on time and on budget. This innovation in construction and development is important because when a project is completed on time and on budget it provides greater economic opportunities at lesser costs to consumers of all types.  This technology not only applies to commercial real estate but residential real estate as well.

A basic way to describe how this technology works is to say that a program takes into consideration multiple factors that the developer keys in about climate, soil, adjacent buildings, and etc and the program runs a simulation of the construction process to tell where and how there might be problems in the real world development. The results are shared with all in the development process to make sure construction goes on without any problems and give consumers the biggest bang for their buck possible.

Full Article from The Hampton Roads Business Journal